Food is NOT our Enemy


Using real food we can work together to begin rebuilding your body’s foundations!


FREE 20 Minute consultation where we can discuss your goals and a bit of your health history. 


At each session, you will be empowered to take charge of your own nutritional wellness. YOUR body’s history and journey will be considered, and any recommendations made will be unique to you. This is not just another diet that will leave you feeling frustrated, restricted, or hungry. It is our goal for you to leave each session feeling hopeful about the possibilities for your own health.

How about focussing on what we can eat instead? Let's eat real food! Real food can be powerful medicine. For example chronic joint pain can be relieved and sometimes even eliminated by simply including chicken broth in your daily diet. Why? Because it's full of minerals and amino acids that the body can use to rebuild tissue and reduce inflammation.

Real food is not created in a laboratory, instead it is grown, raised, and harvested. Real food includes fats, carbohydrates, proteins, vitamins, and minerals. Eating real food means we are free from fads and diets and can finally climb off the diet merry-go-round.
Having learned what the body really needs for optimal function, we can begin to truly thrive!

This is a true statement. Everything we eat either builds or tears down the body. We have the power to impact our health. It's not just up to the medical professionals. Let's educate and inform ourselves and unleash the bodies own power to heal itself.

It is commonly thought that calories make us fat. That is not true. The calories that come from real food provide the body with energy it needs to rebuild, repair, and maintain active.

Nutritional therapy does not diagnose or treat disease, nor is it a replacement for a doctors guidance in the face of a diagnosis or disease. NT can work alongside your doctors advice or treatment. NT is a functional approach to your good health. Using the nutrient and dense whole foods, we will work together to repair your body's foundations. You are a bio-individual and will be treated as one.... No "one size fits all" recommendations.

NT is not a diet for the short-term, but empowering education for life change. Everyone's journey is unique, but as your wellness coach we will be your guide and cheerleader along the way!